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Mike here with another weekly segment we would like to introduce, our Thursday article about the previous nights South Park . We know we're a little late into an amazing season but we will have a wrap up of the entire season with episode break downs and a special article about 200 and 201. But, for now lets talk about the recent Coon & Friends trilogy. The first episode featured the return of Cartman's super powerless alter-ego "The Coon". This time the rest of the neighborhood kids join him to form a "Super Friends" like club.

One of the best nods to the fans came with the fact that almost half of the kids were covered up or ambiguous sounding enough to where you had to follow along and try and guess who The Human Kite, The Mosquito, Mysterion and my personal favorite: Mint -Berry Crunch! were. Although they never said who Mysterion was in the last Coon story, they give it away that it was Kenny pretty quickly. That leaves us to guess until one by one who the rest are. Mint-Berry Crunch is obviously just one of the background kids in the class. During a line up of sorts, they also reveal The Mosquito to be Clyde and from his voice, coldness to Cartman and process of elimination, Kyle is the Human Kite (to which Cartman pronounces "Human Kike")

 From Left: Kyle as Human Kite, Kenny as Mysterion, Stan as Toolshed, Cartman as The Coon, Token as Tupperware, Clyde as The Mosquito, Timmy (in back) as Iron Maiden and Bradley as Mint-Berry Crunch!

One joke that seemed to be a lazy throwback form one episode to another was the "What should I do?" monologues of The Coon for being kicked out of C&F, Tony Hayward for the Gulf oil spill that led to a dark overlord named "Cthulhu" to sprout form the moon, Captain Hindsight (a superhero who has the power of hindsight) for drinking too much and letting himself down and Mysterion trying to figure out if he should use his powers.

What powers does Mysterion have? Well since he's Kenny, he can't die. It has already been revealed that Kenny always comes back after he dies because his mother just has another baby that looks like Kenny, so they just call him Kenny. Now it is revealed that Kenny's parents had joined a cult centered around the rise of Cthulhu before he was born. They claim they were not into all the dark arts stuff and were simply there for the free beer. And when Mysterion and the rest of the super hero kids get banished to the dark dimension where Cthulhu comes from Kenny says how it all looks so familiar.

Cartman teams up with Cthulhu to get back at his friends for kicking him out of his own club and begins to go around the world killing everything that pisses Cartman off, i.e hippies in San Francisco, Jewish Temples. The relationship between Cartman and Cthulhu begins to get weird as South Park makes yet another reference to the old Loony Tunes cartoons by having Cartman pretend to be a cat sleeping on Cthulhu's back.

                                                                awwww they're fwiends....

After Kenny learns from the goth kids (to which you find out that Bradley aka Mint-Berry Crunch! is the fat one, Henrietta's, little brother) that Cthulhu is immortal and can only be beaten by another immortal. Kenny then knows he will have to sacrifice himself to save the world. After a brief altercation at a Justin Bieber concert, Cartman convinces Cthulhu to not fight Mysterion and to continue reeking havoc with him.

As a wink to superman backstory, an interstellar transmission begins to play out of thin air in front of Kenny. It tells him about how he is really an alien named "Gok-zarah" and that is why he has powers that normal humans do not. He explains he must harness his abilities to overcome the evil that is ruining his planet and focus his powers of Mint and Berries with a satisfying, tasty crunch. The camera then pans over to show that the message is meant for Mint- Berry Crunch who ran away from Cthulhu and later teamed up with Mysterion after heroically watching Judge Judy. M-BC then fly's away and saves the day, leaving everyone confused.

In the three part-er they kept using comic book story boards with character voice over's to drive the story which as a comic book nerd I have to say I loved. It was usually from one of the kid's perspective so it was over the top like a child's imagination would be. It reminded me of the times when i would run around my neighborhood friends with towels tied around our necks like capes fighting invisible villains and saving the world. This multi- episode block that South Park keep doing is a great idea. Its like theyre making these hour long movies that are allowed to be extremely ridiculous ( Cartoon Wars, Go God Go!, Imagination Land, Pandemic, 200-201) and are usually the highlights of the season. This is the second three part-er and it turned out to be just as hilarious and exiting as Imagination Land.

As a long time fan I hope to see them continue this trend in future seasons. By continually adding to the lore of South Park and making the characters deeper, they are just making a brilliant show better, which doesn't happen a lot anymore.


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