Monday, November 15, 2010


Hey there folks, Trey here
So I've been mulling over the idea of the Kinect for the past couple days. I'm sure many of you are in my shoes and are un-sure as to why we should purchase another "gimmicky" motion-sensing peripheral. I bought into the Wii fad, but in two weeks my thumbs yearned to be placed on the sweet, rubbery thumb-sticks of more conventional controllers. Ever since then I have had the mind-set that no "serious gaming" can be done with a motion-sensing preipheral. From that stand-point my initial thoughts on Microsoft's foray into the motion-sensing world were that it just wasn't for me. The launch titles for the Kinect feature the same expected play-types: a mash-up of various sports genres and a dance game from the makers of Rock Band, not my cup of technological tea. While the games may not seem appealing some, what catches my fancy is the plethora of little options the Kinect boasts for navigating and utilizing the non-gaming facets of the Xbox 360 system. The Kinect can recognize faces and will automatically sign you in when you walk in view of its camera. Small motors in the Kinect itself allow it to pan up and down to make sure that you are always in frame, no matter what size you are. The Kinect also responds to many verbal commands, that way you can control your Xbox just like Kirk ran the enterprise. Simply stating "Xbox..." followed by a verbal command your platform will perform functions at you whim! Finally you can control the sliding menus of the xbox by waving your hand, much as you would wave away a pestering servant...or girlfriend. While the Kinect may not have the response necessary to play the games that most "hard-core" gamers would enjoy, the menu operations available will make you feel like you're Captain Picard and Neo rolled into one, which would be the next best-selling sci-fi hero, played by Donnie Wahlberg.
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