Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Podcast of the time "Nerdist Podcast"

I couldn't promise to bring this to you guys every week/month/whatever so I'll just try to remember as best I can.

I've really been getting into Podcasts over the last year or so. They are great to listen to while you work out, drive, or just have some time to kill and want to laugh. There are a million and a half Podcasts out there about a million and a half things, but I find that comedy Podcasts are the best.

This time I'm giving my Podcast award thingy to Chris Hardwick and his crew at The Nerdist Podcast. Not only do they get every reference known to man, but they are all actually great interviewers. Chris Hardwick worked for MTV in the 90's and then floated around the comedy world and having a hand in making G4 funny whenever he was on, until forming Nerdist and helping jump start the "The Great Podcast Rush of the late early 2000's". I'm sure you can realize why such a catchy name never took off. Be warned though, the title says it all. It is nerdy. Very nerdy. Some would say that's a very good thing and other might not. Although, I don't know why you would be here if the word "Nerd" turned you off. (unless you are one of my relatives...Hi Daniel!!!)

Here are some of the best episodes:
Episode 5 Jon Hamm
Episode 11 Eugene Mirman
Episode 13 THE (fucking) MUPPETS
Episode 36 Donald Glover
Episode 49 Billy West

Also there are many scattered live episodes that bring on an entirely new element to the mix. From the cast of Mythbusters to David Koechner and Tom Kenny to Fred Willard and Craig Ferguson.

This is also a really great Podcast to listen to if you are a fledgling comedian. Chris and his guests usually have some great insight into the entertainment industry and mastering your craft, whatever that may be. So congrats, Nerdist Podcast! And enjoy YOUR burrito.

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