Wednesday, February 2, 2011

If I Did It... Dark Knight Rises and Superman: Man of Steel

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Mike here with another edition of "If I Did It..." This time we will discuss if I was in the very rare role that Chris Nolan is in right now. He will be directing his third, and most likely last, Batman film this year as well as having a huge hand in helping save the Superman movie franchise. He won't be directing the latter though, that role will be filled by Zack Snyder. Which means we can expect a visually stunning and more than likely darker toned version of Superman.

Now, if I did it, I would use this opportunity (making both movies) to end the Batman story and begin the Superman story together. I would have a cross over, thus rivaling the impending surge from Marvel once The Avengers comes out. It seems like there will almost never be a Justice League movie so this is D.C's best bet for any kind of a big cross-over.

So, let's start with The Dark Knight Rises. They are bringing in a lot of different characters in this one, from Selina Kyle AKA Catwoman and Bane to the possible return of Harvey Dent and Joseph Gordan-Levitt in an unnamed role. The story should follow Batman after the "death" of Harvey Dent there is a manhunt for him by the authorities for suspicion in that death. While Batman deals with that and Bruce Wayne dealing with a deepening depression over the events of the last film and the rapid decay of the city he is supposed to be protecting. More and more criminals are beginning to dress up and run amok after being inspired by the lunacy of the Joker. This brings in the teaming up of Catwoman and Bane.

Trying to deal with that Batman acquires a new ally in Joseph Gordan-Levitt. Now one of two things could work out. Either, Levitt can play Dick Grayson and become Nightwing, help Batman in this movie and come back in later movies or he can take on the role of Edward Nigma AKA The Riddler. If he were to play Nigma he could befriend Batman at first and design him new toys and eventually fuck him over and become the Riddler out of hate for the Bat. I'd personally rather see him in the Nightwing role so that he will one day have his own spin off or in the very least show up in future movies.

So, as more and more costumed lunatics roam the city, the police hunt for Batman becomes a lot more heated, as everyone is blaming Batman for the fall of Gotham. They eventually call in the help of BUM BUM BUM Superman to bring the Caped Crusader to justice. I know Nolan has stated he wants to keep his Batman universe real, hence why no one has any kind of superpower or crazy machines to wreak havoc with. But, I believe you could still keep this rule true in a way by having Superman play almost a silent, faceless character up until the final battle between the two. Which, will be badass.

The fight would start as Superman is walking the streets of a Gotham destroyed. After a battle with Bane and any other villains by the end of the flick the city is pretty much in ruins from riots during an earlier blackout caused by an EMP being set off. Superman is calling out Batman, by name, demanding he show his face. Then, under Superman's feet there starts a rumbling and grinding noise as a giant tank-like Batmobile comes crashing out of the earth hitting Superman. Batman is inside and unleashes a barrage of powerful missals and explosions at him. As the dust settles, and Batman gets out of the Tank in an "Iron Man" like Batsuit, we see that Superman is bleeding and actually hurt. Batman reveals he has figured out a way to make fake Kryptonite, which is almost chemically sound to the real stuff. Batman begins to really pummel Superman all the while telling him how he is a joke, and just an errand boy to the government. Batman explains that if Superman had helped him they could have saved a lot of people but now they both will die. Superman is confused until Batman reveals that he has taken a pill that will stop his heart any minute now. Batman takes out a dagger made of the fake Kryptonite and attempts to stab it into Superman's stomach but before he can get deep enough to kill him, he passes out on top of Superman and with his last dying breath, tells him "I want you to remember the one man who beat you."

Then ending would be Superman joining Batman's side and fighting against the new oppressive US government that use to control him. And Superman talking about how he doesn't have to fight alone anymore.

Now, admittedly I am not a Superman fan but if done right, he has the potential to be a much deeper and three dimensional character than earlier incarnations. The Superman flick would basically follow the storyline of him finding other heroes to team up with and fight against President Lex Luthor and his secret adviser, Brainiac.

Now, I'm sure both of these movies, whether or not they use my storyline, will make a couple hundred million dollars each. But, if Nolan and crew heed my advice, well then they will all be making Avatar money.

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