Wednesday, January 12, 2011

If I Did It... Ghostbusters III

It's New Years Eve 2011 and the film opens up at a party of college age kids. Everyone is exited about the countdown that will commence any minute, except one kid in the corner on his computer. From a distance, we see a pretty girl talking to her friends and noticing the boy form afar. She approaches him and asks what he is reading about on his laptop. "Ghosts" he says. "Supposedly, the world is going to end at the end of next year and this says it will be brought upon by paranormal beings, or ghosts." They smile at each other during a brief awkward second and just as he is about to ask her out, she thanks him and walks back to her friends. He hears her laughing at him saying something about a bet she made with her friends over what kind of nerd he was (i,e comic book nerd, WOW nerd, etc.). Then, as the midnight countdown begins the angry young man storms out of the house and begins walking home. Right at midnight as everyone cheers, all the power in the house goes out and when everyone one by one flicks their cell phone lights on, we see a bunch of ghosts popping up scaring the shit out of everyone at the party. OPENING CREDITS.

The basic story is about the kid at the party, Jimmy Tully (son of Louis and Janine Melnitz-Tully and godson to Peter Venkman) and Dana Barrett's son Oscar. They learn about a book that has foretold the ending of the world and a bunch of other thought to be natural disasters or accidents that have occurred throughout history. They locate Ray and Egon and tell them about the book. Egon tells them how they've known of it's existence for some time but could never find it. After the murder of Peter Venkman they spent all their money on investigating it for years.

Ray and Egon give them all the equipment since they are sure none of it still works. Then while messing around with one of the "Traps" it suddenly bursts open to reveal the ghost of Peter Venkman. Peter tells them how one night he heard a strange sound underneath the old firehouse, and while he was investigating he was murdered by a ghost. Then his body was thrown into the street and made to look like a mugging gone wrong. Then he decided to mess with Egon and Ray one night, but scares them too bad and they put him in the trap and forgot about it, because "they're old." Now that Peter is free he says goodbye to them and thanks them, since he can now rest in peace. Later, we see him attempt to scare Egon and Ray one more time but accidentally kills both of them in the process.

The two kids travel to NYC and find the old firehouse which is now an IKEA like store. They find a manhole nearby and descend. Underground they find an abandoned subway line which used to house a river of slime (like in the second movie). They battle through some ghosts with new and improved weapons, but as they get farther down the tunnel, the temperature begins to rise which is weird because it's December in New York. As they heat rises and the monsters get more dangerous the world is being more and more over run with paranormal beings. Just as they reach the location of the book (the center of all the psychokinetic and paranormal energy) they have to fight what appears to be the devil. A towering horned creature who breathes fire and cannot be sucked into the Trap.

After defeating him and destroying the book with the help of Peter, Ray and Egon, Jimmy and Oscar venture up to the streets to tell everyone that the only way to keep the paranormal activity down is to stay positive and only emit positive energy all the time. They both know this is a lie, but it wouldn't hurt anything either. They open up a new Ghostbusters in the city and the movie ends with someone coming in out of the pouring rain and simply saying "I need your help..." The camera pulls away from the group and out a window to reveal the look of the new Ghostbusters building.


PS- We gotta throw Winston (black Ghostbuster, ya racists) in there somewhere, alive.

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